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No label on the outer package of cosmetics highlights the regulatory vacuum

many outer packages of cosmetics do not have product ingredients and labels, and the relevant laws do not make specific requirements for industrial aluminum with relatively poor conductivity.

after the report that cosmetics contain Sudan No. 3, which may cause cancer, yesterday, an investigation found that: the outer packages of color cosmetics brands sold on the market basically have no product ingredient labels, at the same time, At present, the domestic cosmetics industry lacks corresponding legal supervision

Extruded polystyrene board

most brands have no component identification

after visiting major shopping malls in the city, I found that there is no component description on the outer packaging of international first-line brands such as Clinique and cosmetics brands such as Maybelline and L'Oreal that follow the mass line. According to the beauty shopping guide of Lancome counter, our products are selling well all over the world, and there is no problem with the quality. Besides, most of the cosmetics are chemical ingredients, which most people can't understand when written out Among cosmetics brands that sell directly in the domestic market, Marykay claims that all raw materials are pure natural products, but on the outer packaging of its lipstick, we still can't find anyone to understand? If you want to know more details about the experimental machine, the description of raw materials. In addition to the production date and color number, there is no ingredient identification on Amway cosmetics with environmental protection as the highlight

ingredient identification is not required

Yang, Secretary General of Chongqing Beauty Association, said in an interview that it is one thing to understand complex chemical ingredients, but it is another matter to mark raw material ingredients or not. The person in charge surnamed Yang of Chongqing consumers' Association also believes that the environmental noise standard GB 3096 (9) 3 in urban areas is to protect consumers' right to know

"at present, China's laws do not require the product ingredients to be indicated on the cosmetics packaging." Secretary General Yang regretfully said, "look at the raw materials used in cosmetics, you will know the quality and suitability of this cosmetics for the crowd. Unfortunately, there is no ingredient list for domestic cosmetics."

the supervision system highlights the vacuum

China's administration of cosmetics comes from many sectors. The Ministry of health and its subordinate health and epidemic prevention stations at all levels are responsible for the approval of cosmetics and the health supervision and management of domestic cosmetics, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine institutions are responsible for the inspection and supervision of imported and exported cosmetics at ports, and the quality supervision department is responsible for the inspection of cosmetics. Due to cumbersome procedures, the daily supervision and management work is relatively chaotic

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