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Ningxia inspection and quarantine industry packaging and other standards waste Lixin

recently, the national certification and Accreditation Administration announced the review of inspection and quarantine industry standards and the clean-up conclusion of standard plan projects. Accordingly, many standards drafted by Ningxia inspection and Quarantine Bureau need to be integrated or modified this time. They have reviewed 1676 standards in total, of which 422 unfinished planned projects have been cleared, of which 121 have been abolished

in the review and cleaning up work of Ningxia inspection and quarantine, the industry standards that need to be integrated include "inspection methods for dimethoate and methyl parathion residues in exported fruits" and "inspection procedures for exported Lycium barbarum"; The standards that need to be revised include "sampling and sample preparation methods of silicon carbide in import and export packaging", "the inspection party of import and export metal sodium is generally clear at a glance by looking at the equipment manual; then look at the brand's reputation and reputation law, the" inspection method of import and export lime nitrogen "and" copper, zinc, lead and the following information in exported rice. Let's have a detailed understanding of the determination of cadmium ". At present, in the inspection and quarantine work, the "inspection regulations for packaging of dangerous goods exported by sea" will be abolished, and the corresponding current national standards should be used. The regulations on the use and identification of steel drums for calcium carbide packaging for maritime export shall be abolished and the use and identification of Safety specifications for calcium carbide packaging of dangerous goods shall be applied

in this regard, the Bureau reminded processing, packaging and other foreign trade export enterprises to give early warning to avoid a negative impact on Ningxia's exports. (Li Yan)

source: Ningxia business

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