No fear of Sino US trade war. Domestic lubricants

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Fearless of the Sino US trade war, lubricants "made in China" should be self-improvement

fearless of the Sino US trade war, lubricants "made in China" should be self-improvement

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recently, the largest trade war in the history of China and the United States officially started with the 25% tariff imposed by the United States on China's $34billion products as the trigger, mainly involving 73 kinds of goods in three major categories, including machinery and electronics, complete sets of equipment, and resource chemicals. High end lubricants bear the brunt and become an industry that has suffered huge damage in the trade war. Regarding the development of high-end manufacturing industry, known as the blood flowing in high-end equipment, will the internationalization pattern of high-end lubricants be interrupted by heavy blows? In the face of the malicious tariffs of the United States, China has resolutely fought back with a strong "sword", and the high-end lubricating oil products of the United States have also been heavily taxed. Under the situation that "foreign oil" is difficult to buy, will China's high-end lubricating oil demanders suffer heavy losses because of the huge cost? Can the national lubricant brand fully support the lubrication demand of high-end manufacturing industry with "domestic products" and fill the gap of foreign first-class products

the trade war is becoming more and more intense, and high-end lubricants are winning steadily.

in the second half of 2018, it seems inevitable that the petrochemical industry will be fully involved in the trade war. Among the 114 commodities on which the Chinese government has imposed the same level of Taxation on imports of the same amount from the United States, 108 are related to "oil or oil and gas products"

from the perspective of base oil, the main raw material of lubricating oil, this user can propose to impose additional tariffs on the United States according to the reports in any format. The authoritative data shows that in the first quarter, the import of petrochemical resources was 800638.715 tons, of which the amount of base oil imported from the United States was about 2113 tons, accounting for only 0.26%. It can be seen that the production cost of lubricating oil in China will not be significantly increased. The production of high-end lubricants will not be hampered by the trade war

at the same time, foreign high-end lubricants have been imposed tariffs, which has provided a blank market for national lubricant brands and become an "opportunity" in the "crisis". China's high-end lubricant brands, represented by great wall lubricant, took advantage of the trend, made efforts to improve oil products, increased investment in scientific research, strengthened independent technology, maintained their original intention, and showed the international spirit of China's high-end lubricants with a firm attitude of unchanged response to changes in the environment where the trade war was intensifying until it was normal

according to the data of China Lubricant information big data research center, more than 85% of lubricant enterprises continue to pay attention to the latest trends of this trade war, but in the international brand camp led by "shell Meijia" and the Chinese brand echelon led by Sinopec Great Wall Lubricant, less than 5% of enterprises have made clear strategic adjustments

from the current market performance of high-end lubricants, China's lubricants have not been significantly negatively affected by the trade war, and even some independent high-end brands have shown an upward trend

obviously, winning in stability has become the coping strategy of China's lubricant brand echelon. Behind this calm and confident Buddhist attitude is the inevitable result of the rapid development of China's lubricant industry. Dating back to the early 1960s, China's lubricant industry has been compared with world-class brands since it started from scratch, assisted in aerospace take-off, long-distance navigation of giant ships, and booming high-end manufacturing. The stability of the lubricant market, especially the high-end lubricant market, is the best proof of this trade war

the "crisis" of high-end manufacturing of blood transfusion is the "opportunity"

it is noteworthy that the action plan "made in China 2025", which aims to promote high-tech manufacturing and enhance international competitiveness, also has great concerns in the United States about the difference between the performance requirements of disinfection boxes, disinfection discs and surgical instruments and those of other non implantable medical instruments. The Chinese products that the United States announced to levy a tax of 25% are basically high-tech products of China's seven strategic emerging industries, and are not products of China US trade deficit, some of which are even surplus products. It can be seen that they are called tariff wars, but actually intended to combat China's high-end manufacturing industry

at present, China has become the only super industrial power across the world. According to the world bank's data on June 30, 2016, as early as 2013, China's manufacturing added value ranked first in the world, accounting for 20.8%. Among them, the output of more than 220 kinds of industrial products ranks first in the world, and the net export of manufacturing industry ranks first in the world. In 2016, the output value of China's equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 24 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world, ranking first in the world for seven consecutive years

as the blood of high-end manufacturing, high-end lubricants are related to the life of the whole manufacturing industry. The Sino US trade war has restricted some imports of "foreign oil", causing a certain degree of trouble to some high-end manufacturing fields

at the critical moment, the test is the true Kung Fu of national lubricants. The Chinese lubricant echelon, led by the "veteran" of the industry, great wall lubricant, actually already has the quality and service of foreign first-class brands. XCMG group, Sany Heavy Industry, Chery Jaguar Land Rover and other famous enterprises, as well as foreign-funded enterprises such as Siemens and Mercedes Benz, have established long-term and stable cooperation with great wall lubricants. Many other national brands have also found their own market positioning. In the whole lubricant industry chain, Chinese lubricant brands have fully realized the full coverage of independent support capabilities

in the trade war, many Chinese local lubricant brands, such as great wall lubricant, with excellent oil products and excellent services, spared no effort to transfuse blood for the high-end manufacturing industry to ensure that sufficient high-quality lubricants flowed in China's high-end industrial equipment, so that the country's high-end manufacturing industry will never stop and the country's development will never stop

it can be seen that with the opening of the Sino US trade war, China's increase in import tariffs of "made in America" may speed up the systematic construction process of China's manufacturing industry, realize the import substitution of localization, and bring new opportunities for the upgrading and development of "made in China"

strengthen independent research and development and work together to win the trade war

the key technology is the soul of supporting the heavy weapons of big countries. Today, with the extensive development of globalization cooperation, independent research and development capability has always been a part of great importance of countries all over the world. One of the most important reasons is to worry about how to survive industries that rely too much on imported products once the current trade war begins

now the Sino US trade war has really started, and the strategy of taking precautions for a long time reflects its valuable value. A large number of independent scientific research and patented technologies of high-end lubricants, some of which are even unique to China, have become the vanguard in the smoke-free battle at the moment, fully supporting the orderly and stable development of various industrial activities in the country

standing at the important outlet of the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, how to promote reform with opening up, promote innovation with reform, break through lubrication technical barriers, help China's manufacturing industry to change quality, efficiency and power, and reduce the cost of "made in China" transformation and upgrading is the top priority of China's lubricant brands

it is the spirit of Chinese lubricant brands not to forget their original intentions, keep their mission firmly in mind and forge ahead. They should adhere to the tradition of independent research and development, strengthen scientific research and development, and contribute more and better international high-end lubricants to the country. In the more dangerous trade war in the future, with a fuller attitude, we will lubricate the backbone of China's industrial economy, strengthen the body of the national economy, and make China's manufacturing industry as firm as a giant and stand on the top of the world

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