Nitride ceramic powder is the most popular thermal

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Nitrides commonly used in thermal spraying materials nitride ceramic powder

nitrides of other transition metals include zirconium nitride (ZrN), hafnium nitride (HFN) and tantalum nitride (tan), as well as aluminum nitride (AIN), a compound whose emission of major pollutants and energy consumption indicators in the aluminum raw material industry are reduced to nitrogen

zirconium nitride powder is yellowish brown and has high hardness. Using vacuum plasma time flash back to hellip 1 year ago; hellip; The new concept of spraying ZrN coating on the pre spark gap electrode on the spark plug socket is one of its applications in engineering technology

hafnium nitride powder is golden yellow, its melting point is the highest among nitrides, and its hardness is high, but it is easy to oxidize, so it is rarely used

tantalum nitride is the nitride with the highest density and hardness

aluminum nitride powder is yellow, high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance, high hardness, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is the smallest among several nitrides, so it has excellent high temperature wear resistance

when aluminum nitride is combined with titanium carbide or titanium nitride, it can produce composite carbon nitrides or composite nitrides, and improve the wettability of CO, Ni, Fe metal melts. And it has good high temperature wear resistance

1) resistance

2) application

these nitride ceramic powders should be sprayed by vacuum plasma spraying process to maintain the nitrogen content and phase composition of nitride coating unchanged

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it is applied in special coatings according to the relevant properties of different nitrides. Such as vacuum plasma spraying zirconium nitride coating on the spark gap electrode of spark plug socket

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