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The forbidden label "disinfection and sterilization" on the outer package of sanitary napkins, contact lens supplies, and the words with "disinfection, sterilization", "all-round, efficient" and other propaganda functions on the outer package of sanitary napkins will be forcibly removed. Yesterday, the National Health Department issued the "disinfection to improve the ability to control the upstream raw material market, product label specification management specification", which stipulates that such absolute words should not be used in sanitary products. The specification requires that the relevant contents of the labels and instructions of disinfection products should be true, and there should be no false exaggeration, express or hint of the therapeutic effect and effect on the disease. People from the Ministry of Health said that the words on the outer package of wet wipes and contact lens care solution on the market are the focus of this regulation, and this measure will be enforced from next May

yesterday, I visited new century, Xinhua and other supermarkets in Chongqing and found that there were a large number of sales of sanitary napkins and wet wipes marked with the words "disinfection and antibacterial tensile testing machine is a multifunctional tensile machine". According to the salesperson of the supermarket, customers prefer "antibacterial and health care" sanitary napkins when shopping. In Chiba and Jingyi glasses stores, the sales staff recommended Bausch & Lomb's nursing solution with "high efficiency and disinfection" as the main selling point

according to the "specification", therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost after raw materials. The head of the marketing department of Chongqing Sishuang sanitary products Co., Ltd. said that the saying of "sterilization" is indeed inappropriate, but "bacteriostasis" should be allowed to be used. The person in charge also said that after the release of this specification, the publicity ideas will be adjusted and will no longer be used as a selling point. Bausch & Lomb Beijing said that the specific response measures need to be discussed by the company before they can be determined

source: Chongqing business daily

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