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It is decided that Shandong will focus on developing 16 high-end chemical projects this year. This news (set by Xie Zhong) centering on the eight development strategies of Shandong Province, Shandong plans to screen 16 provincial-level key high-end chemical projects as the focus of Shandong Province's scheduling, guarantee and promotion according to three levels: major projects in Shandong Province, optimization projects for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and "double recruitment and double introduction" key contracted projects. Among them, there are 7 new projects and 9 continued high-end chemical projects in Shandong Province

it is understood that there are seven new high-end chemical projects in Shandong this time. China Zhenhua propane dehydrogenation and propylene oxide project will build 250000 tons/year gas separation unit, 1.8 million tons/year raw material refining and separation unit, 200000 tons/year maleic anhydride unit, 1million tons/year propane dehydrogenation unit, 300000 tons/600000 tons/year po/sm combined unit, etc, Shandong Fangming Chemical Co., Ltd. is a 200000 t/a water based cyclohexanone project of Shandong Sanmu Chemical Co., Ltd., a 200000 t/A epoxy resin project of Shandong Sanmu Chemical Co., Ltd., a new generation of deoxyfluorogenated new materials and organic intermediates R & D center of Shandong kailaibo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., and a high-grade differentiated disperse dyes and supporting construction project of Shandong annoqi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd, Donghua new materials project, as well as chemical research institutions and pilot scale base projects, will focus on the construction of chemical technology and process research and development center, chemical safety technology research (evaluation) center, emergency rescue technology research center, Shandong chemical pilot scale base, and do a good job in industrial technology research (pilot scale) for the high-end chemical industry

there are 9 high-end chemical projects to be continued, including the annual output of 100000 tons of methyl methacrylate project of Dongming Huayi Yuhuang new materials Co., Ltd., the comprehensive utilization of 1million m3/D coke oven gas to produce hydrogen peroxide and propylene oxide project of Heze Jufeng new energy Co., Ltd., and the annual output of 70000 tons of oil series needle coke high-precision chemical materials project of Shandong Yida new materials Co., Ltd, The 80000 T/a polyoxymethylene project of Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd., the aerospace super large pulverized coal gasification project demonstration project of Shandong runyin Biochemical Co., Ltd., the 100000 t/a polyurethane chemical foaming agent project of BuTian New Material Technology Co., Ltd., and the 50000 T/a high-end household chemical products, 30000 t/a disinfection products and 20000 t/a cosmetics production base of mans household chemical (Shandong) Co., Ltd, The 700000 T/a propane dehydrogenation project of Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd. and the hydroxyurea sulfonamide pharmaceutical intermediate industrial chain project of Shandong kairuiying Material Technology Co., Ltd

not only that, Shandong will also highlight the creation of industrial ecology, the development of industrial leaders, the cultivation of industrial clusters, and the centralized promotion of Yantai Yulong Island refining and chemical integration project, China heavy truck intelligent new energy heavy truck and a number of major layout projects. 4 Instrument precision positioning system aims to promote the integration and upgrading of production capacity; Focusing on cloud computing, hydrogen energy, marine engineering equipment and other fields, we will accelerate the promotion of a number of cutting-edge leading projects

highlight the support of major infrastructure projects. Based on the basic, leading and strategic direction, we will build an infrastructure support system with advanced technology, perfect functions, convenience, efficiency, intelligence and security. Among them, the energy sector will comprehensively increase the proportion of new and renewable energy, and promote the construction of emergency gas storage and oil and gas transportation capacity


in addition, highlight the demonstration of major platform projects. Give play to the advantages of major platforms in integrating resources, gathering enterprises and extending the chain, and promote key platform projects such as Wanhua global R & D center; Relying on clusters and leading enterprises, build public platform projects that gather new technologies and new models such as industrial design, certification and testing, and achievement transfer and transformation, and promote the vertical integration of high-end chemical industry chains

in the next step, Shandong development and Reform Commission will cause mutual collision and leakage in accordance with the requirements of list management and standardization promotion, strengthen the accurate matching and connection balance between key projects and policy system, implement the three mechanisms of "elements follow the project", problem consultation and solution, and "five ones" coordinated promotion, fully promote project construction, give full play to the key role of key projects in stabilizing investment, and strive to expand effective investment, Promote the steady economic and social development of Shandong Province

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