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Breaking the downturn in the industry, it is time for domestic robot enterprises to counter attack

originality broke the downturn in the industry, and it was time for domestic robot enterprises to counter attack

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original title: breaking the downturn in the industry, it was time for domestic robot enterprises to counter attack

"this is the best era and the worst era" - Dickens

in China, with the sharp rise in human costs, the manufacturing industry is under serious pressure and urgently needs to transform to low-cost and intelligent, and the industrial robot industry is still regarded as one of the most expected fields in the current market

looking back on 2019, the robot industry continues to decline. With the trade war, 5g release, capital downturn, industrial chain shrinkage, etc., the whole industry is facing unprecedented turbulent moments. Behind these "swords and Swords", there is a round of industry reshuffle, the competition between major giants, and the difficult survival of domestic robots. The fatigue of 2019 has not faded in time. 2020 has arrived

the downstream is sluggish, the profit is weak, and the industrial robot enterprises have a bitter year.

the growth rate decline of the entire industrial robot industry in 2019 is full of helplessness, which is not only constrained by the sluggish development of the global manufacturing industry, but also constrained by the limitations of industrial robot industry application

as we all know, the automotive industry has always been one of the industries with the earliest application, the largest sales volume and the strongest application ability of industrial robots in the world. From the end of 18 to 19 years, the inflection point of the automotive industry plunged the whole auto market into a cold winter. The steep fall has made major auto manufacturers jittery and full of soldiers! If 2018 is just the bleak early autumn, then 2019 is the real winter

according to the profit data report of national industrial enterprises above Designated Size released by the National Bureau of statistics in October 2019, as one of the representatives of highly integrated industrial enterprises, the profit of automobile manufacturing industry decreased by 16.6% year-on-year, ranking the sixth in 11 industry categories from high to low

at the same time, as another major application industry of industrial robots, the performance of 3C manufacturing industry is also not optimistic. I thought that with the advent of face recognition, voice recognition before heat treatment or cold processing, AI and 5g technology, computers, audio and other equipment will be redefined, and 3C industry will usher in a new explosion. From the actual data, it is unknown whether it can face the future and bloom in spring

the sales volume of the automotive industry and 3C intelligent manufacturing has declined significantly, which is one of the main factors that directly led to the decline in the sales volume of industrial robots

with the downward pressure of the global macroeconomic environment, this decline is most vividly reflected in the financial statements of robot head enterprises. The decline in corporate profits and difficult profits are the keynote of this year, with a loss of 853%! The inflection point of the robot industry has emerged? Not to mention the embarrassing situation that domestic industrial robot enterprises are struggling to "survive"

robots compete in the Red Sea - a circuitous strategy to avoid its edge

people usually like to leave a way back for themselves. Choosing a widely spread strategy is one of the most conservative practices, because it has the least risk, but the results are usually mediocre

the industrial robot industry in 2020 is eager to be changed and is also being changed! The automobile and 3C manufacturing industry, which once made industrial robots stand brilliantly at the manufacturing outlet, is no longer the past. When some enterprises are rushing to catch up with the sunset, others are waiting for the stars

emerging segments have become a new track for China's industrial robots. Those small and medium-sized enterprises that seek breakthroughs and look "weak" are actually emerging day by day, and enterprises with differences and characteristics are entering a period of steady growth

data source: IFR

the industrial robot market is in an incremental period after removing core applications such as cars and 3C! From the data released by ifr2018 global industrial robot data report, we can find that other types of manufacturing industries have seen double-digit growth, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, plastic and metal industries. The development potential of these industries can lead all industrial robot manufacturers to a new development direction

desperate to compete with foreign giants. Compared with ordinary pendulum impact on the market, this instrument has obvious product advantages, which can not be avoided. Whether from the technical core or from the product price and after-sales point of view, the winning rate of domestic industrial robots is not high

therefore, domestic enterprises have adopted circuitous policies to develop new application markets in specific areas beyond the scope of strong brand advantages; At the same time, we should specialize in our own subdivisions and avoid doing it in general

from the perspective of historical development, once the labor cost of electronics, machinery and auto parts was relatively high, and the industry profit was the most sensitive to the rise of labor. Therefore, robots were the first to be used in the industry. As the largest manufacturing country, the number of employees in China's food manufacturing, rubber and plastic, and chemical industries exceeded 13million. Estimated at 100 robot density per 10000 people, the demand for robots in these industries alone could reach 130000. However, there are many labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises in such industries in China. The appeal of business owners is to complete some repetitive manufacturing upgrading needs at low cost and high efficiency, and make some compromises in quality indicators such as fineness and control ability

therefore, these emerging market segments have low barriers to entry, large markets, and less competition from foreign robot giants, which is the best opportunity for domestic industrial robots to bypass the encirclement

put all the eggs in the same basket, and then look forward to that basket

in China, more and more independent innovative industrial robot enterprises begin to focus more and more on the development of plastic materials that can be used in a wide temperature range and a more harsh chemical and physical environment for industrial vertical applications, the cultivation of core technologies, and the empowerment of the industry. Abandon the blind pursuit of speed, jump out of the price quagmire, gradually build a long-term "core interest" framework, study and polish subdivisions, develop and provide differentiated products and services targeted, and gradually fill the needs of the middle and low-end market. In this regard, domestic collaborative robot enterprises are particularly outstanding

In, there were more than 40 new cooperative robot manufacturers, of which the Chinese market has become the most important market, with more than 30 new cooperative robot manufacturers. Since 2018, the overall industrial robot market has been "cold", but the annual sales volume of China's collaborative robot market has still achieved a growth rate of nearly 50%, which is much higher than the overall growth rate of China's industrial robot market

data source: collate

many domestic industrial robot enterprises are starting a new round of fighting

in 2018, Aobo has become the manufacturer with the largest sales of domestic collaborative robots, with an overall annual sales volume of more than 1000 units; Jieka has gradually built an ecosystem of collaborative robots in the "industrial" field, and quickly ranked among the top three in the domestic market in 2018, becoming the fastest-growing manufacturer

Daming robot started the "marriage" mode with Omron in 2018. TM series robot products are jointly named with Omron to compete for the collaborative market for mutual benefit; Alite has become the enterprise with the strongest gold absorption ability in recent years. In August this year, it just completed the b-round financing of 100million. With the implementation of its "industry and cooperation" dual product line strategy, the future of this most "grounded" domestic cooperative robot can not be underestimated; With the new ECR5 collaborative robot launched this year, evert once again won unanimous praise in the industry

after the reshuffle, the rest is the unicorn road of local enterprises in the king era. Recently, it is gratifying that after 13 months of negative growth, the growth rate of industrial robot production finally turned positive from October to November! Is this the beginning of the recovery of Chinese robots or the rebound at the bottom? At least in a short time, the car sales continue to decline; The progress of intelligent technology upgrading is less than expected, and these unstable factors still exist

after the industry reshuffle in 2019, those enterprises that once wanted to make "fast money" are facing difficulties. In addition to large enterprises with strong strength, there are also innovative enterprises with original products rooted in technology. How will these enterprises open a new track in the future

in fact, for the robot industry, whether taking the road of internationalization or localization, the core that remains unchanged is to master the dual ability of technology and product innovation

everyone knows that the robot market is a big cake, but how many people can get a piece of it? Looking back on history, we have been clamoring for domestic products to replace imports. Flags can fly, but they have been beaten in the face

it is time for domestic industrial robot enterprises in 2020 to embark on a robot Unicorn road with Chinese characteristics! The battlefield of "high-end equipment" has long been divided, and smart people have withdrawn their troops and changed their direction and strategy

create a new market, which is called robot, but it does the work of special equipment. It has strong flexibility, low cost and high learning ability. It cooperates with human beings to complete the diversified production of small enterprises. To produce such a robot enterprise is the unicorn we most expect to appear in 2020

live in the present, plan for the future, shuffle everything, survival of the fittest, survival of the fittest

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