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China Railway Construction Corporation:: become stronger and better, become the "strong" of the world's top 500

China Railway Construction Corporation:: become stronger and better, become the "strong" of the world's top 500

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recently, the internal control index of Chinese listed companies (2013) was released. Among the 2110 listed companies on the main board and small and medium-sized board, China Railway Construction Corporation, which recently jumped to the 80th place on the Fortune Global 500, ranked 29th, ranking first among the listed companies in the construction industry. As the largest engineering contractor in the world, China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) has achieved rapid development. At the same time, it continues to extend the connotation of development, improve its core competitiveness, adhere to being stronger and better, and truly build itself into a "strong" among the world's top 500

CRCC, which has been selected into the world's top 500 for nine consecutive years, ranks 13th among the 100 Chinese enterprises selected this year, up 20 places from 2013. It was first selected in 2006. In just eight years, China Railway Construction jumped 405 places. Behind the rocket like rise, China railway construction changed from railway force to engineering in 1984. In the past three decades, the development scale of China railway construction has increased by 841 times

Zhang Zongyan, President of China Railway Construction Corporation, said, "when the railway soldiers changed their working hours, Wan Li, the then Vice Premier of the State Council, encouraged us, 'railway soldiers take off their military uniforms and go to the market. If they can live, they will live. If they can't live, they will die!'. Over the past 30 years, we have carried forward the fine tradition of no obstacles in front of the railway soldiers, found ways from the market, survived in competition, and sought development in transformation. Despite the ups and downs along the way, we have a wonderful life!"

with the rapid development of China's railways, China railway construction has risen rapidly. In the past 30 years, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. has participated in all railway construction projects in China, such as the Qinghai Tibet railway and the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway. The main line and station track laying are 65135 kilometers, which is 5.2 times that of the railway corps in the 35 years, accounting for more than half of China's new railways. In the past 30 years, China railway construction has built 14551 kilometers of bridges, which is like a rainbow on the north and south sides of the Pacific Ocean; Digging a tunnel of 12881 kilometers is equivalent to crossing the center of the earth to open up the earth

at the end of last year, the integrated China Railway urban construction group was officially listed, and at the beginning of the year, China Railway Construction Bridge Bureau Group opened its "cover". Since 2010, China railway construction has successively established hydraulic engineering group, investment company, finance company, insurance company and international group through integration and reorganization. Through successive performances of transformation and upgrading, the "Railway" brand of China railway construction continues to expand its development connotation, rapidly growing from a single construction enterprise of railway engineering to one of the most powerful and large-scale comprehensive construction groups in China and even the world, which covers engineering contracting, survey and design consulting, industrial manufacturing, real estate development, logistics and material trade, and has a perfect industrial chain. It ranks first among the "250 largest contractors in the world" in the American engineering records (ENR) magazine

in 2013, the operating revenue of CRCC was 586.789.6 billion yuan; The profit exceeded 10billion yuan for the first time, reaching 10.439.5 billion yuan. Among them, the operating income of non engineering contracting business accounted for 22. 5% of the total operating income Hunan has set up a working group for epidemic prevention and control, metrological technical support and emergency disposal, with 20% of the total profits (pre tax profits) accounting for 50.95% of the total profits in order to solve the difficulties of enterprises in discharging pollutants

"China Railway Construction's management level, market layout, profitability, etc. should be improved at the same time as our ranking in the world's top 500. We should keep pace with multinational giants, have a global vision, strive to become bigger and stronger, and strive to build China railway construction into the most internationally competitive and valuable enterprise!" Meng Fengchao, chairman and party secretary of China Railway Construction Corporation, said

in May this year, when China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. accompanied Premier Li Keqiang to visit four African countries, a strong "China style" was triggered. First, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. undertook to build China's first transnational electrified railway overseas, and China's plastic extruder industry is moving forward healthily and persistently - Ethiopia Djibouti railway began to lay tracks; Then, the Nigerian coastal railway project with an investment of US $13.1 billion was spent on China railway construction; Subsequently, the main project of Nigeria akar railway undertaken by China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. was successfully completed

after 30 years of development, the overseas market of CRCC has expanded rapidly from a blank to 71 countries and regions around the world, with more than 500 overseas projects under construction and a total contract value of more than 50billion US dollars. In the past five years, the amount of new overseas contracts signed by China railway construction reached 315billion yuan, and the completed operating revenue exceeded 100billion yuan

at home and abroad, innovation is the soul. Recently, China Railway Construction Co., Ltd. initiated the research and development of coal mine inclined shaft TBM tunneling machine in the world, which is being assembled in a coal mine in Inner Mongolia and is about to start drilling. In the past 30 years, China Railway Construction Corporation has increased scientific and technological innovation and improved its core competitiveness, and has won 505 national awards. Among them, there are 66 National Science and technology progress awards, 92 national survey "four excellence" awards for special gloss design on the surface of spray free plastic parts, 59 Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Awards, 197 National High Quality Engineering Awards and 91 Luban awards. It has 2839 patents in total. Nine enterprises have successively become national innovation platforms, undertaking four national "863" and science and technology support programs.

with its unique historical tradition and profound cultural heritage, China railway construction is firmly moving towards the world and forging into a "strong man" among the top 500

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