It is unlikely that the price of PVC in Italy will

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It is unlikely that the price of PVC in Italy will rise in August

it is reported that the contract price of ethylene in Europe will fall in August compared with the previous month, and the PVC market demand will gradually weaken with the advent of high temperature and heat. In view of this, Italian market participants predict that the recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base in August. The PVC price in this country is unlikely to rise, and its market quotation may be the same as that in July

chemorbis price engine shows that the recent trend of FD Italian PVC k67 market is stable. In April this year, the price of this kind of resin hit the bottom, and then rebounded. In the following months, its market quotation remained stable

according to a supplier from Western Europe in the Italian market, his PVC transaction price in July increased by EUR per ton on average compared with the previous month. The supplier said that its initial price increase of concrete pressure testing machine in July was based on the national standard gb/t50081 (2) 002 "standard for experimental methods of mechanical properties of ordinary concrete". The range of performance parameters of concrete was 40 euros/ton. However, due to the resistance of the buyer, he finally reduced the PVC increase in July

for the PVC market trend in August, the supplier said: "in terms of upstream raw materials, we believe that the price of ethylene will fall by EUR/ton; in terms of downstream demand, affected by high temperature weather, the demand for PVC in the terminal market will decline. Therefore, we do not expect any price rise for the Italian PVC market price in the next month, but only hope that it can continue to follow the stability in July."

in terms of buyers, a local composite material manufacturer said that the price of PVC he bought in July was higher than that in June, with an increase of EUR/ton. "Although the price of raw material PVC has increased, the demand for our end products in July is relatively strong, and the profit margin is also considerable. However, we believe that it is unlikely that the PVC market quotation will rise in August. Since late July, the buyer and the seller have been evenly matched, and no one is willing to make concessions in price." The composite manufacturer commented

market analysts pointed out that in addition to the fact that these products cannot compete with polystyrene insulation materials in terms of enterprise scope, output value and market share, the price of raw materials has fallen and the market demand is poor, Italian PVC will also be impacted by a large number of foreign shipments in August. Due to the weak global demand, the Congress of the United States, Mexico and other countries will export their overcapacity PVC to the Italian market at that time

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