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To meet the current and future needs of environmental pollution control, the national development and Reform Commission recently issued the newly revised catalogue of environmental protection industrial equipment (products) currently encouraged by the state to develop, encouraging the development of 107 items of environmental protection equipment in seven fields. Pendulum impact testing machine is a kind of impact testing machine

these seven areas are: air pollution control equipment, including industrial furnace dust removal equipment, power station flue gas desulfurization equipment, harmful gas purification equipment, coal clean combustion equipment, special attention to operation safety equipment for flue gas desulfurization, etc

water pollution prevention and control equipment, products are encouraged to focus on the treatment of biochemical wastewater and wastewater containing heavy metal ions, sludge treatment and utilization, and disinfection equipment directly related to human health and environmental safety

noise and vibration control devices, choose noise control equipment in urban areas as the direction to encourage development

solid waste treatment equipment, focus on the harmless treatment of solid waste disposal equipment as the encouraged content, strictly control the emission indicators of incineration disposal equipment, and comprehensively improve the performance indicators of medical waste sterilization equipment

comprehensive utilization and cleaner production equipment, including "carbon nanotubes with a diameter of about 10 nm, waste materials comprehensive utilization equipment, three wastes comprehensive utilization equipment, residual pressure and waste heat utilization equipment, and agricultural waste treatment and utilization equipment"

in the field of environmental protection agents and materials, special agents and materials for environmental protection should be included in the scope of encouraged development

environmental monitoring instruments and meters, and the continuous monitoring equipment of pollutants shall be included in the encouraged development scope

the national development and Reform Commission said that Captain Jiang informed that the catalogue released this time was a revision of the contents encouraged by the first two batches of the catalogue, and the relevant preferential policies will continue to be implemented

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