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It is the duty of Dunlop tires to fight the epidemic. It is the duty of Dunlop tires to fight the epidemic. In 2020, a sudden epidemic of novel coronavirus pneumonia swept the country. In the fight against the epidemic together, Dunlop tire, as the leading brand in the industry, actively practiced the society, and expressed the determination of Dunlop tire and the people of the whole country to overcome difficulties and the confidence to win the epidemic through donations, active resumption of production, assistance to partners and store safety resumption and other practical actions

At the beginning of the outbreak of the epidemic, Sumitomo rubber (China) Co., Ltd., the headquarters of Dunlop tire China, donated 2million yuan to the China Charity Federation on January 30, which was specially used for the prevention and control of the new-type pneumonia epidemic nationwide to help the people of the whole country win this war without gunpowder smoke

after the epidemic has been preliminarily controlled, if Dunlop wheel adopts a manipulator system that can operate continuously in the material test, it will actively respond to the prevention and control measures of local governments at all levels, formulate and strictly implement the enterprise resumption and epidemic prevention and control emergency plan, and provide a humanized and safety first resumption environment for employees. On the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, factories and stores actively and orderly resume work to provide reassuring services for consumers and ensure the safety of vehicles during the epidemic

the factory fully protects employees and returns to work at ease

in special periods, the smooth resumption of work and production of the enterprise is a polysulfide building sealant jc483 ⑼ 2 ballast stone to stabilize social and economic development. Dunlop tire took the initiative to assume the responsibility of the society, gave full play to the leading role of the industry and actively resumed production on the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention at 18:00 p.m. and Issuing the post control of the coal injection order. At present, Dunlop tire has set up an epidemic prevention and control leading group at the first time to formulate specific measures such as 24-hour duty records for the prevention and control of COVID-19, temperature measurement on and off duty, management measures for decentralized meals in canteens, disinfection of public areas and dormitories, and strive to provide a safe working environment for employees, so as to achieve the production of anti epidemic under the severe test

stores establish defense lines and consumers enjoy services

in the preparation process for resumption of work, Dunlop tires worked together. Some Dunlop tire dealers provide door-to-door delivery services to stores throughout the province during the epidemic by reminding all stores to understand and abide by the precautions for epidemic prevention and control, and provide material support to stores lacking protective materials

Dunlop tire stores also responded positively, strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures, and the epidemic prevention work reached the resumption standard of the local government. In addition to the basic epidemic prevention work such as body temperature detection and disinfection of work areas, stores with conditions also carry out service upgrading to provide in car disinfection services and epidemic prevention materials for customers who come to the store, and provide door-to-door services and door-to-door pick-up and delivery services for customers who are inconvenient to the store

continuous dissemination of protective measures to help epidemic prevention work

during the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, Dunlop tire continued to provide targeted epidemic prevention measures to employees, stores and car owners, and provided effective protection suggestions for employees and car owners. Dunlop tire also carried out training services to improve the operation and management ability of stores while passing on the resumption of work and epidemic prevention measures

the virus has no lover and love, so it can be seen in danger. In the face of the epidemic, Dunlop tire adheres to the brand spirit of "moving forward and never stopping", actively undertakes the society, works together with the people of the whole country, and actively contributes to the fight against the epidemic. Dunlop tire will continue to pay attention to the progress of prevention and control work, continue to help and show torque/axial force time anti epidemic work, and firmly believe that the epidemic will be defeated

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