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Guxiaoyan: developing new growth points of circular economy is an urgent requirement

guxiaoyan: developing new growth points of circular economy is an urgent requirement

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Guide: developing circular economy is an inevitable requirement for thoroughly implementing the scientific concept of development and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode. Under the situation of intensified resource and environmental constraints and rapid scientific and technological progress, it is particularly urgent to focus on cultivating new growth points of circular economy and promoting economic development through efficient recycling of resources

developing circular economy is an inevitable requirement for thoroughly implementing the scientific concept of development and accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. Under the situation of intensified resource and environmental constraints and rapid scientific and technological progress, it is particularly urgent and important to focus on cultivating new growth points of circular economy and promoting economic development through the efficient recycling of resources

circular economy is an economic development model that takes the efficient utilization and recycling of resources as the core, takes "reduction, reuse and recycling" as the principle, and takes low consumption, low emission and high efficiency as the basic characteristics, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development

the development of circular economy not only opens up a new way of comprehensive utilization of resources, makes full use of everything, turns waste into treasure, and significantly improves the efficiency of resource utilization; Moreover, it reduces the production of pollutants from the source of resource consumption, realizes "zero" emission, turns harm into benefit, and greatly reduces the cost of pollution control, so as to effectively use resources and protect the environment, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, and promote the sound and rapid development of economy and society

In recent years, China has achieved positive results in promoting energy and resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, and promoting cleaner production. However, the traditional extensive development mode with high consumption, high emission and low efficiency has not been fundamentally changed, the utilization rate of resources is still relatively low, and the development of related technologies is still relatively lagging behind

in the face of increasingly strengthened resource and environmental constraints, the development of circular economy has become a world trend. The outline of the 12th Five year plan puts forward the goal of increasing the resource output rate by 15% for the first time, and defines the tasks and measures of developing circular economy in terms of improving the recycling system of renewable resources, promoting green consumption patterns, and strengthening policy and technical support, which will bring greater market space and industrial prospects to the development of China's circular economy industry. It is estimated that by 2015, the output value of China's circular economy industry will exceed 1.5 trillion yuan

efforts to cultivate new growth points of circular economy need to increase support for circular economy. For major projects, technological development and industrialization demonstration projects for the development of circular economy, financial subsidies and loans should be given. With the increasingly fierce competition in the household appliance industry, interest subsidies and other support should be given. All kinds of financial institutions should give financial support to key projects that promote the development of circular economy. Relevant departments should actively arrange funds to support policy research, technology promotion, demonstration pilot, publicity and training for the development of circular economy; Arrange pollution discharge funds and increase investment in pollution prevention and control projects that meet the requirements of circular economy. We should continue to improve the preferential tax policies for the comprehensive utilization of resources, adjust and improve the tax policies conducive to promoting the recycling of renewable resources, and speed up the establishment of a charging system for the recycling and treatment of large quantities of waste resources

to cultivate new growth points of circular economy, we need to improve the technological support ability and innovation ability of circular economy. We should increase investment in science and technology, strengthen the development, promotion and application of circular economy technology, and focus on the development and promotion of conservation, substitution and recycling. Today, from a professional perspective, we will teach you five aspects that should be considered in the purchase of tensile testing machines: the use and treatment of advanced and applicable technologies for pollution, the construction of a scientific and reasonable energy and resource utilization system, and strive to break through the technical bottleneck restricting the development of circular economy. We should continue to actively introduce, digest and absorb foreign advanced circular economy technologies, organize industry, University and research institutes, enterprises and other forces, and strive to develop technologies including comprehensive utilization of CO associated mineral resources and tailings, energy conservation and substitution technologies, energy cascade utilization technologies, comprehensive utilization technologies of waste, extension of industrial chain and related industrial links in the development of circular economy, "zero emission" technologies, substitution technologies of toxic and harmful raw materials After several decades of canned packaging, recyclable materials, recycling technology, green remanufacturing technology and other technologies conducive to resource recycling and intensive utilization. For the vast number of resource-based cities, to develop circular economy, we should constantly improve the technical support capacity and innovation capacity of circular economy, actively promote advanced and applicable mining technologies, processes and equipment, improve mine recovery rate, beneficiation and smelting recovery rate and labor productivity, reduce material and energy consumption and pollutant emissions, and improve product added value; Vigorously promote the comprehensive utilization of CO associated resources and tailings and wastes; Vigorously promote cleaner production technology and actively develop circular economy in oil and gas exploitation and processing, coal mining and transformation, and other mining mining and processing enterprises

it is necessary to attach great importance to the development of remanufacturing industry to cultivate new growth points of circular economy. Remanufacturing is the practical application of the concept of ecological civilization in the field of industrial production. Through the remanufacturing process, industrial production has formed a closed cycle mode of "resources → products → wastes → renewable resources", which not only reduces the environmental burden but also extends the product life cycle, meeting the requirements of green development, circular development and low-carbon development. At the same time, green remanufacturing is also an extension of the back-end value chain of manufacturing. Therefore, to realize the large-scale development of remanufacture is not only low-carbon, energy-saving and environmental protection, but also can form a new economic growth point. After several years of pilot cultivation, China's remanufacturing industry system has initially taken shape, with a good momentum of development, and some technologies are in the forefront of the world; However, compared with the mature remanufacturing industry system and huge industrial scale in developed countries in Europe and the United States, China's remanufacturing industry is still in its infancy. Although the single piece profit of many enterprises' remanufacture has exceeded that of new products, the remanufacture industry is difficult to become a major economic growth point due to the insufficient scale of production. At present, we need to establish and improve industry norms and technical standards related to remanufacture. A qualification certification system for remanufacturing enterprises should be established to form an industry access and license system. The proportion of professional technicians in research and development, technical testing, etc. of remanufacturing enterprises should be specified; Enterprise production specifications and quality inspection procedures should be established to certify special remanufacturing processes, technologies and equipment. We should formulate and improve the mandatory technical standards and service specifications for remanufactured products, issue various industrial standards and guidelines, and promote the voluntary agreement fatigue testing machine. In addition to paying attention to the purchase, we should also pay attention to the best practices. Scrapping standards for construction machinery, large industrial equipment and other products should be formulated. The annual inspection system and scrapping standards of automobiles are extended to the fields of construction machinery and large industrial equipment, and the number of years and working hours standards for equipment such as construction machinery to enter the remanufacture cycle are stipulated in comparison with the North American system, so as to ensure the construction safety of engineering projects on the one hand, and improve the reusability of equipment on the other hand

at the same time, we should promote the innovation of remanufacturing technology. We can consider establishing a national and regional remanufacture R & D center to organize the R & D of key and core technologies such as equipment remanufacture life prediction technology, efficient nondestructive disassembly and classification recycling technology, environmental protection and efficient green cleaning technology, nano surface engineering technology, automated surface engineering technology, etc. It is necessary to establish the classification, bar code and other identification systems of remanufactured parts, build regional and national core information networks and databases, and improve the data sharing system, so as to provide a reliable design basis for the design of green products and the formulation of recycling regulations for automobiles, engineering machinery and other products. We can consider setting up a special fund for the development of remanufacturing industry to give financial support to carry out research on key remanufacturing technologies. Enterprises should be encouraged to master core and key technologies through the introduction of technology, cooperative development and joint production, so as to improve the independent innovation ability of remanufacturing enterprises and industries. We should encourage production, learning and research to jointly tackle key problems in remanufacturing technology and improve the conversion rate of scientific research achievements

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