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Shangqiu news (Jin Yu intern Zhang Yu) enthusiastic citizens reported that near Shangqiu foreign language school on Suiyang Avenue, a cable fell to the ground, blocking the road to the nearby community, but with its limitations, this place is very dangerous for people to come and go

the fallen cable just blocked the intersection of Shangqiu foreign language school, which is called a strict. The cables are intertwined, and you will bump into them if you are not careful. Moreover, there are many old people going in and out of this road, and there are schools next to it. People come and go, so there are great potential safety hazards

citizen Mr. Shao: it was the typhoon that blew down in winbia at that time, and it blew down at that time. At this time, no one asked that there are great potential safety hazards that affect everyone's travel and life. (how long has it been) half a month

citizen Mr. Zhang: I don't know which company it belongs to, and no one has recovered so far. Every day, there are 120 families living in the community. They come and go in and out every day. The elderly, children and workers basically have to go in and out every day, which is really inconvenient

residents nearby said they hoped to repair these fallen cables as soon as possible, eliminate hidden dangers, and provide them with a safe travel environment

citizen Mr. Shao: (do we have any comments and suggestions) I hope the relevant departments can deal with it as soon as possible from the perspective of paying attention to people's livelihood. Provide residents with a safe travel environment

citizen Mr. Zhang: let her recover as soon as possible, so as not to affect everyone's life

then called 12319 urban construction, which said that it would notify the unit as soon as possible to remove the falling cable

on the morning of September 21, 2018, the Wulin style WLF World Championship · Shangqiu ancient city station press conference was held in Suiyang District, Shangqiu City. Fight stars such as Wulin style double champion explosive Yang Zhuo and Ru Yunlong Dong Wenfei arrived at the scene and were warmly pursued by boxing fans! The meeting was attended by a group of sages, shaochangxianji, relevant guests and leaders, and was jointly reported by nearly 100 media and broadcast live

it was officially announced at the press conference that on October 6, 2018, China's original top combat event, Henan satellite TV Wulin style, was broadcast live at the combat World Cup. It was hosted by Suiyang District People's government and Shangqiu Municipal Bureau of education and sports, CO hosted by Henan Weizheng Sports Development Co., Ltd. and Henan Huashang sports and Cultural Industry Co., Ltd., and co organized by Shangqiu martial arts association and Shangqiu ancient city tourism development Co., Ltd, For the first time, we will enter Suiyang District, a famous historical and cultural city in China, and make great efforts to make a great contribution to the National Day

"Wu Lin Feng" was launched in 2004. In the 14 years of development, it has always adhered to the theme of displaying China's power, carrying forward the national spirit, and spreading Chinese culture. It has weathered the storm and forged ahead! It has not only become the leader of such programs in the Chinese television field, but also become a competitive martial arts event brand with great international influence

2018 is the 69th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. At a time of national celebration, the highest level of Wulin style competition landed in Suiyang District of Shangqiu City, because Shangqiu is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, and Suiyang district is located in the south of Shangqiu City Center. Suiren invented drilling wood for fire here, which is known as the hometown of Chinese fire culture; Shang nationality, merchants and Shang Dynasty originated here, and are also known as the hometown of Chinese Shang culture. The combination of hot-blooded martial arts fighting and profound cultural accumulation is bound to produce brilliant sparks and become a classic

guest leaders spoke one after another

this competition has a strong lineup and full of attractions! The highlight wlf67kg world Kungfu championship, also known as the fight world cup, is the second round of group C and Group D. The champion of the fight world cup will receive more than 1million Chinese Martial Arts Fund initiated by Mr. Niu Liushuan, chairman of Youde holding group, and will win a special Wulin style trophy (weighing 19.5kg), which symbolizes the supreme honor

among them, the most eye-catching is that Yang Zhuo, the Wulin style double champion explosive, came into play. Since defeating iska champion Luis Passos on October 1, 2016, Yang Zhuo has created a total of 18 wins. This competition will encounter Hu Yafei, the brother of the same division. It is expected to continue unbeaten

double crown explosive Yang Zhuo

Ru Yunlong Dong Wenfei will fight against wpmf champion Ruslan atayev to compete for the first ancient city international gold belt. Dong Wenfei, who was once a top player in China's 70kg class, is coming back and defeating WKN world champion Dima vimo in the first battle. He is getting back to his best form. The Wulin veteran's charge will definitely trigger a viewing boom

Ru Yunlong, Dong Wenfei

in addition, the pioneer battle, Fang Feida vs zhaojiuyugui, is also the focus of the game. Wlf60kg world Golden Belt Brown blaster has won over Li Ning, Chen Wende, Zhao Chongyang, Zhao Fuxiang, etc. and remained unbeaten in China; And Shunyuan fighting hero Fang Feida, just Ko crazy little Heilin Qiangbang, has strong morale and high morale. A battle between dragons and tigers is inevitable

media on-site questions

Shangqiu Gucheng station of the WLF World Championship will help the local build city business cards, develop the event economy and sports tourism industry, improve the physical quality and health level of the people, help meet the diverse sports needs of the people, ensure and improve people's livelihood, expand domestic demand, increase employment, cultivate new economic growth points, and promote the national spirit Enhance national cohesion and cultural competitiveness

there are more than 100 scenic spots and historic sites in Suiyang district. During the National Day festival, you can also watch the competition and travel. The existing aboveground ancient city in Suiyang district was founded in 1511 A.D. in the sixth year of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of 500 years. It is the most well preserved ancient city in China and the only existing large ancient city site in the world that integrates Bagua City, Shuicheng city and chengshangcheng city. At present, Shangqiu City is carrying out the restoration and construction of the ancient city around the cultural tourism brand of "visiting the ancient capital of Shangqiu and reading the history of Chinese civilization", which is about to open to the world

Shangqiu ancient city

in addition to Shangqiu ancient city, famous scenic spots include Suihuang mausoleum, Diku mausoleum, kubotai, Chinese merchant culture square, Chinese merchant culture museum, Weizi temple, wenyatai, the ancient city of Song Dynasty, Zhang Xun temple, baguanzhai, Yingtian academy, guide mansion Confucian temple, Zhuang regret hall, Huaihai Campaign General Front Committee memorial hall, etc

the Wulin style WLF World Championship · Shangqiu Gucheng station press conference was jointly reported by many multimedia: Henan Radio and television station, Dahe news, Henan, Henan Economic News, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Shangqiu, Phoenix, Yi, Sina, Sohu, China, image, China, Dahe, as well as the place of use, fighting fans, fighting world, Wulin fighting, wuzhe, fighting alliance, fighting territory, fighting communication, fighting fighting Fight the winner, etc

on October 6, 2018, Chinese and foreign heroes gathered in Suiyang. The ancient city's sword debate raised waves, and the peak duel was imminent

prepare ventricular defibrillation and charge 200 joules. Charging is complete. Let go, discharge. Ventricular defibrillation again, charging 200 joules. Uncle Zhang never thought that the first aid measures that used to be seen only on the TV screen would be used on him one day, and they would be used more than 40 times

in the morning of September 5, lying on the hospital bed of Shangqiu first people's Hospital for three hours is undoubtedly the most thrilling moment in Uncle Zhang's life

in the morning of that day, Uncle Zhang of suixian got up early as usual to prepare for morning exercise. But just after a while, he felt chest pain, chest tightness, dyspnea, sweating, a sense of dying and other symptoms. It was initially diagnosed as acute myocardial infarction by the local hospital. Due to his critical condition, Uncle Zhang was referred to the emergency department of Shangqiu first people's Hospital at about 9:00 on the same day, and was immediately sent to the emergency room

emergency doctor on duty zhouxiaodan and emergency room nurses hanzhenzhen, huangjunpeng, Mei Li, Liu Yin and others immediately carried out rapid treatment. Unblock venous access, inhale oxygen, monitor and improve ECG examination. The ECG was slowly pulled out. In just a few seconds, everyone felt that it was extremely long, typical of acute inferior myocardial infarction! Just before Dr. Zhou Xiaodan's voice fell, the patient suddenly twitched his limbs, lost consciousness, stared at his eyes, and the monitoring showed that the patient had ventricular fibrillation, which was equivalent to that the patient's heart had stopped beating

Han Xueying, the head nurse of the emergency department outpatient department, immediately performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the patient. Nurses Wei Hailong, Dong Qinghua and Song Yuan who had been off night shift gave up their rest and joined the rescue. Li Shuai, the outpatient doctor of chest pain, and Shan Zhiyong, the emergency doctor, rushed to assist in the rescue. Electric defibrillation was successful once, but the patient's heartbeat recovered briefly and then ventricular fibrillation occurred again. Defibrillation again, ventricular fibrillation again, defibrillation again and again, the patient's normal heartbeat cannot be maintained, and his life is on the line

Shan Zhiyong and Li Shuai analyzed the condition and believed that the patient was likely to be blocked by thrombus formed by the rupture of coronary artery plaque, resulting in large-area myocardial infarction, so it was urgent to open the occluded vessels. However, due to repeated ventricular fibrillation, the patient could not undergo emergency surgery, so the two doctors made a prompt decision to apply a new generation of thrombolytic drugs for rescue

skilled people are brave. While thrombolysis, while defibrillation rescue. After 30 minutes, thrombolytic drugs and other rescue drugs were injected. Uncle Zhang, who has experienced more than 40 defibrillation, finally has a stable heartbeat. It's a rare opportunity for improvement, and you can't hesitate for a moment. Medical staff quickly transferred Uncle Zhang, who had not regained consciousness and breathing, to CCU (coronary heart disease intensive care unit)

ccu director Li Shengli, doctors on duty Wang Lei and Wei Jing, nurses Jia Ru, Liu zishuo, Li Panpan, Fang Qian and he Luyin are already in full readiness, and various rescue instruments and drugs have been seamlessly connected

according to the patient's condition, Li Shengli determines the treatment plan: three hours later, if the patient's condition is relatively stable and the bleeding risk is relatively reduced after the metabolism of thrombolytic drugs, coronary angiography can be performed; If the condition changes during the period, be ready for emergency angiography at any time

the patient finally survived the difficult three hours. At 12:00, he was sent to the catheter room for coronary angiography under intubation. The examination results showed that the patient's left coronary artery had already been seriously narrowed, and the acute lesion of the right coronary artery made the condition more complicated, which can be said to be worse. Stent implantation of the right coronary artery was performed immediately. The timely treatment in the early stage won time for the smooth progress of stent implantation. The patient's vital signs stabilized quickly after operation, and his consciousness and respiration recovered well

watching the patient recover day by day, the family members shed tears of gratitude: we all felt hopeless at that time. We didn't expect you to be saved. Thank you so much

(Liu Lin, Zhang Zhuo) China refrigeration equipment industry base (civil rights), national torch civil rights refrigeration characteristic industry base, national 2 Wear resistance of connecting shaft: This is also an important experimental export refrigeration electromechanical product quality and safety demonstration area, and the national refrigeration industry equipment well-known brand creation demonstration area. When talking about the development of civil rights refrigeration industry, we can't help but mention Henan xiangxuehai household appliance technology Co., Ltd., the first large refrigeration enterprise stationed in the civil rights industry cluster, and we can't help but mention the representatives of the Municipal People's Congress Zhao Peng, general manager of xiangxuehai household appliance technology Co., Ltd

in 2010, the Minquan county government signed a contract with Zhejiang xiangxuehai Electric Appliance Group Co., Ltd., and Zhao Peng accepted the Commission

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