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For 20 years, Schneider Electric joined hands with Shanghai Jiaotong University to deepen the training of digital talents

Shanghai, China. On January 13, 2021, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between Schneider Electric and Shanghai Jiaotong University (Shanghai Jiaotong University) was held in the intelligent radio and Television University building of Shanghai Jiaotong University on January 12. In the same period, the Schneider Electric Energy Management and Automation Laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University was upgraded and put into use. The campus intelligent industry competition jointly held by the two sides officially ended and an award ceremony was held. Pangxingjian, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of industrial automation business in China, and Yin Yi, deputy dean of School of electronic information and electrical engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University, attended the ceremony

on the scene of the 20th anniversary celebration of the cooperation between Schneider Electric and Shanghai Jiaotong University

in the information age, how to cultivate talents who meet market needs and technological development trends is of great importance to the transformation of China's industry from big to strong. In this regard, Pang Xingjian said: affected by the epidemic, enterprises are generally facing challenges such as toughness, efficiency and sustainable development. The digitalization process of enterprises is accelerating, which urgently needs the strong support of open-minded and skilled automation talents. Schneider Electric is willing to work with Shanghai Jiaotong University to live up to the trust of the times, deepen cooperation, complement each other's advantages, and cultivate more excellent industrial talents for the industry

Shanghai Jiaotong University has always been determined to promote reform in the spirit of daring to be the first in the world. It is believed that Schneider Electric, which has friction in the industrial field and has carried out technological innovation and application practice in 184, will inject brand-new ideas and practical experience into our scientific research and teaching, and the exploration and research of both sides on new technologies and new products will also be closer to the application practice of industry. Yin Yi said

reviewing the history of cooperation between Schneider Electric and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the two sides have always followed the trend of technological iteration and changes in the market environment, adhered to innovation and change, not only jointly established a training center, built a joint laboratory, jointly built a teaching system, but also jointly discussed training courses and shared scientific research results. After nearly a year of upgrading and transformation, the Schneider Electric Energy Management and Automation Laboratory of Shanghai Jiaotong University, which has been successfully completed, will continue to play the forefront of the exploration and practice of industrial automation and energy efficiency management by teachers and students of Shanghai Jiaotong University in combination with many of the latest achievements, including the three-tier ecostruxure architecture of Schneider Electric:

from automation to digital networking: from a separate console to a system with a three-tier architecture, Access Schneider Electric's digital cloud platform, and install ecostruxure machine consultant, augmented reality consultant AOA and other digital applications

update of energy management and automation software: add experimental twin aveva engage, operator training system OTs and other software that are usually required for aveva digital completion, and realize household metering and energy monitoring of the training building through energy management related software and hardware

from a simple control system to the linkage between the control system and the controlled equipment: provide pillow packaging machine to realize the combined application of automation and digitization to meet the needs of scene based training

realize the data connection between Schneider Electric laboratory system and Shanghai Jiaotong University Energy interconnection platform

in recent years, as the world moves rapidly towards the era of intelligence, the demand for digital talents in various industries has become increasingly strong. However, to cultivate digital talents, we need to strengthen the interaction between universities and enterprises, and seamlessly combine theory and practice. How to explore and establish the mechanism and model of combining with industry and high participation of enterprises is of great significance to cultivate industrial talents who are more in line with market demand and future industrial development

on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the cooperation between Schneider Electric and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the two sides jointly held a campus intelligent industry competition, which aims to encourage teachers and students to actively participate in the innovation and development of automation technology with an open mind. In 2020, Schneider Electric released ecostruxure open automation platform, which runs the concept of open automation through the whole process of products and applications. With the release of ecostruxure open automation platform, it is possible to build applications with practice proven interconnected software components and distribute them to the underlying hardware devices of various manufacturers. On the basis of years of cooperation between the two sides, Schneider Electric will join hands with teachers and students of Shanghai Jiaotong University to explore and explore an open automation world with infinite possibilities in the future

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