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Actively integrate into the "the Belt and Road" and "too heavy manufacturing" in the international market

actively integrate into the "the Belt and Road" and "too heavy manufacturing" in the international market

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as a leading enterprise in the industry, Taizhong group has always attached equal importance to the domestic market and the international market in recent years, unswervingly followed the path of international development, fully implemented the global allocation of resource elements, and actively integrated into the "the Belt and Road" initiative, It has gradually called "too heavy manufacturing" in the international market and stood in front of the world with a new attitude

accelerate the global layout

in recent years, export orders of taiheavy overseas business have increased steadily. In 2016, taiheavy's annual overseas business revenue reached 1.89 billion yuan, and export orders reached 1.42 billion yuan. A number of key projects have made new breakthroughs. The leading products such as heavy rail transit axles, metallurgical casting cranes, forging equipment and steel rolling equipment have all been exported to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, and heavy products are covered in five continents all over the world

with the rapid growth of product exports, too much emphasis is placed on seeking higher quality resources globally to realize the international allocation of advantageous resources. Taizhong will actively integrate into the national "the Belt and Road" construction through overseas cooperation, overseas mergers, attracting overseas talents and other means, and constantly improve the international landscape

in recent years, Taizhong has successively established Hong Kong companies and Indian companies as the strategic fulcrum for the international development of enterprises; Acquired Willie longway international group of Australia, and has its own manufacturing base abroad; The acquisition of CEC design consulting company in Nuremberg, Germany, absorbed the world's advanced think tank services too much; In addition, it has also acquired REI company in Salt Lake City of the United States. At the same time, it has continuously improved its service points in Russia, South Africa, South America, Australia and other places, and has formed a relatively perfect international marketing network

since the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, it has paid too much attention to fully tap the potential of the resources and advantages accumulated by "going global" in recent years, actively forged strategic partnerships with countries along the "the Belt and Road", and established a special "the Belt and Road" project leading group, information working group and policy working group to visit countries involved in the "the Belt and Road" project, such as India AA, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia Malaysia, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, etc. choose key countries along the "the Belt and Road" for key layout

build an export base

in the blueprint for enterprises to integrate into the "the Belt and Road", Tianjin Binhai base is too important to open an important channel for enterprises to integrate into the maritime Silk Road

Taizhong has invested in the construction of a heavy equipment assembly and export base covering an area of 1million square meters, "front port and rear factory" in Tianjin Lingang Economic Zone. The base can not only meet the requirements that the rust of heavy presses will affect the self-development of operation efficiency if it is light, but also provide relevant logistics services for peripheral equipment products. It is the first heavy loading port for the export of large-scale goods in Shanxi Province, even in North China and Northeast China

at the beginning of 2016, Taizhong terminal directly transported 500 ton ship unloader products exported to Vietnam to Fanggang port in South Vietnam, realizing the first direct delivery to overseas user sites. Since then, more and more "made in China" and "made in China" products exported to Indonesia's shore container bridge cranes, cranes exported to India, rail transit wheels and other products have arrived overseas directly from here, connecting the world

at the end of 2016, Taizhong's first jack up drilling platform with completely independent intellectual property rights - "tz400" successfully extended the force stripping experimental water required for incision tearing at the wharf of Taizhong Lingang base. As a representative product of Taizhong entering the field of offshore engineering, it also aims at international users, which is another important sign of Taizhong deepening international development

relying on the port heavy equipment base, Taizhong already has an access to the sea and a base of marine engineering products facing the world. The biggest experience of China's development model in the past is cheap labor and docking with the low end of the global industrial chain. It has undertaken the overseas freight tasks of more and more international enterprises, created good conditions for enterprises to participate in international cooperation, and provided important support for Taizhong's better integration into the "the Belt and Road"

seize the market with high-end products

Taizhong group has formed products with strong competitive advantages in the international market, with large excavators as the representative

Taizhong is the largest large mining excavation equipment design and manufacturing enterprise in China. From the first 4-m3 excavator to the largest 75-m3 excavator in China, Taizhong has provided nearly 1500 mining excavation equipment for the country, with a domestic market share of more than 95%. Too heavy not only makes foreign enterprises completely withdraw from the Chinese market, but also exports products to Russia, Pakistan, Peru, Kazakhstan, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, Chile, South Africa, Iran, Liberia and other countries around the world and regions during tensile tests

since 2008, Taizhong has exported 10-55 cubic meters of large mining excavators to various countries with its independent intellectual property rights. Since 2010, Taizhong has exported five 35 cubic meters excavators to Russia, its former big brother. By 2016, it has exported two 20 cubic meters and three 35 cubic meters excavators, with a total value of nearly 300 million yuan. In South Africa, four 35m3 excavators and one of the world's top 55m3 excavators are in operation. In India, more than 10 excavators with more than 10 cubic meters have been put into operation...

at present, Taizhong has established more than 10 international after-sales service stations in South Africa, India, Chile, Russia, Peru and other countries, and set up a large-scale after-sales service center for Taizhong excavators in India in 2017. At present, Taizhong has grown into one of the world's top large excavator development companies

at the beginning of this year, two 20 cubic meter large mining excavators with independent intellectual property rights produced by Taichong took the "the Belt and Road" China Europe train, which was first launched in Shanxi Province, and embarked on the "distant marriage" journey to lesosibirsk, Russia, once again demonstrating Taichong's determination and strength for international development. During the "13th five year plan" period, Taizhong group will promote all-round integration with the international market, strive to increase the proportion of export products from the current 15% to more than 30%, and finally reach 50%, realize the goal of "creating a world-class Taizhong", and constantly move forward to the goal of world-class excellent enterprises

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