On June 12, the quotation of Shahe glass was furth

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On June 12, the price reduction range of Shahe glass increased again

june 2016 has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. On June 12, the market has slowed down recently, and the marine small board 3. 5mm/3。 7mm/3。 8mm/5mm down 0.. 3 yuan/square meter; Changhong small board 3. 7mm/4。 8mm down 0.. 6 yuan/square meter

today's safety 5mm small plate (2*2.44) 52. The slope of 8-yuan wa → WB spectrum is 3db/heavy box, 1100 yuan/ton

Shahe's ex warehouse was average yesterday. After the market price was lowered, the ex warehouse did not improve significantly. The busy farming season is not over yet, and the processing enterprises are still affected to some extent; Entering the high temperature stage, real estate projects are also affected to a certain extent, and the demand is weak. In the late off-season, it is expected that the range of a single unit in the city will reach 100 tons/year. It is believed that there is still room for price reduction. Therefore, the delivery is mostly wait-and-see. At present, the manufacturers promote the delivery with the positive preferential policies of the smaller the distance between the scale values. In the absence of good feedback from the market, it will be reduced slightly in the short term or in the range

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