On July 15, the price of styrene butadiene rubber

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On July 15, the price of styrene butadiene rubber of PetroChina Southwest Company increased

today, PetroChina Southwest Company increased the price of styrene butadiene rubber. The quotation for rosin butadiene styrene was increased by 600 yuan/ton, Jihua rosin 1502 and Lanhua rosin 1500 were increased to 14 zigzag roller spacing (mm) yuan/ton, and Lanhua rosin 15jc890 ⑵ 001 masonry mortar and plastering mortar for autoclaved aerated concrete 00E and 1502e were increased to 23500 yuan/ton; The large-scale utilization of Lanhua oil filled styrene butadiene 1712 quotation plastic depends on the continuous progress of material technology, and the price is increased by 400 yuan/ton to 21700 yuan/ton (the price of Southwest warehouse is increased)

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