Working principle of flat panel solar water heater

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In the past, if you wanted to use hot water, you had to burn it, which was not only time-consuming but also small. If the family wanted to take a bath, it would have to wait. With the popularity of solar energy, people are becoming simpler and simpler in using hot water

in the past, if you wanted to use hot water, you had to burn it, which was not only time-consuming but also small in quantity. If the whole family wanted to take a bath, it would have to wait. With the popularization of solar energy, people are becoming simpler and simpler in using hot water. And sunshine is free. Technology has been improving, and the emergence of flat-panel solar water heaters has brought a better experience. Today, let's introduce the working principle, installation and maintenance of flat panel solar energy

I. how does the flat panel solar water heater work in the sun

ordinary solar water heaters absorb “ Sunshine ” Turn to water, while flat-panel solar energy uses copper tubes to indirectly convert heat into water supply. Ordinary thermal efficiency is high, and many flat plates are split double circuit ones, which need to add circulating pumps. Therefore, the water quality and service life of flat panel solar energy are generally better

the flat panel solar collector absorbs heat energy and transmits it to the heat exchange medium in the collector. As the temperature of the heat-conducting medium rises, the heated liquid is heated in the collector and enters the heat exchanger of the water storage tank under the circulating action of the pump. Here, the heat energy is transferred to the water, and the heat conducting medium gradually cools. The cooled liquid is pushed back into the collector. The cooled solution is heated again in the heat collecting plate and circulated to the heat exchanger to transfer heat energy to the water in the water storage tank. This process is repeated until all the water in the water storage tank is heated

self resistance is the main resistance of flat plate solar energy circulation pipeline and collector pipeline system. When the medium temperature increases, the resistance along the way decreases and the influence of local resistance increases due to the decrease of kinematic viscosity. Within a certain range, when the diameter of the main pipe remains the same, increasing the diameter of the branch pipe will not only rapidly reduce the resistance along the way, but also reduce the local resistance. Generally, the hydraulic radius of the branch pipe should be more than 10mm. When the main pipe diameter reaches a certain value, increasing the main pipe diameter has little significance for reducing the system resistance. The top water type of flat panel solar water heater is used. The water use methods of domestic solar water heater and flat panel split solar energy are divided into falling water type and top water type. Ordinary solar water heaters are used in a way that is not affected by tap water supply. Its disadvantage is that the water temperature is low first and then high in the process of use. If it is not well mastered, it is easy to cause the embarrassment of sudden water shortage. The flat split solar energy is the top water mode, while the water temperature is high first and then low, which is easy to master and easy for users to adapt. However, it is required that tap water maintain its water supply capacity. Under the condition that tap water is guaranteed, the top water mode is recommended

second, tell me why to use flat-panel solar water heater

flat-panel solar water heater installed on the roof or outside the house, will not occupy any indoor space, and solar energy is free, do not need to use coal, electricity, natural gas and other resources, save household electricity and gas costs, and start with good economic benefits. Therefore, at present, solar water heaters are widely installed and used in families

III. flat panel solar water heater &mdash& mdash; Take care of this “ Warm man &rdquo

wind blowing, sun exposure, rain, snow freezing &hellip& hellip; What a harsh environment, but the flat-panel solar water heater has always been silently for us “ Glow and heat ”, Why don't we maintain it properly. Moreover, if we pay a little attention when using it, clever arrangement and use of water filling time and water volume will effectively increase the efficiency of the water heater and get twice the result with half the effort. Ultimately, we will benefit

at the same time, if we can properly maintain the flat-panel solar water heater, it can also effectively extend the service life of the water heater. After the water heater is installed and fixed, non professionals should not easily move or unload it to avoid damaging key components. No sundries should be placed around the water heater to eliminate the hidden danger of impacting the vacuum pipe. Regularly check the exhaust hole to ensure that it is unblocked, so as not to expand or deflate the water tank

flat panel solar water heaters are simply “ Warm man ”. Work without complaint; Bear hardships and never complain. After understanding the working principle of flat panel solar water heater, I hope you can treat it better




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